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Reading Program


Several of the  Reading Program books that have been purchased and are available on the

UWF Book Shelf

(pictured above) 

it's just outside the sanctuary, or at the library or local bookstores.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this national Reading Program. 

These are current books and many of them may be found in a public library.

Click here for the current Reading Program catalog.

Reading Program books are divided into five categories and are available for people of all ages and reading levels. List includes books for children and youth, too.  

  • Education for Mission

  • Leadership Development

  • Nurturing for Community

  • Social Action

  • Spiritual Growth

Learn more: Reading Program 

About the Reading Program 

How does the Reading Program work? 

Plan I: Read 5 books - one book from each category and Response magazine

Plan II: Read 10 books - two books from each category and Response magazine

Plan III: Read 15 books - two books from each category + 5 from any category and Response magazine

Plan IV: Read 20 books - two books from each category + 10 from any category and Response magazine

Bonus Books - Certain books count as two books, including the current Mission u Study books. 

Faith Talks podcasts also count! These monthly conversations with United Methodist Women explore themes & resources that empower us to put faith, hope and love into action. Click for full info, topics & how to listen. 

See the Reading Program Catalog for list of books and full details about Bonus Books!

Our Reading Program Book Club meets monthly on books chosen from the Program. 


Reading Program Reporting Forms are available on the Bold Women's Book Shelf just outside the sanctuary on the Lovers Lane campus.

Complete your form by August 15 and send to, or contact, Dale Campbell.

Please contact Dale Campbell with any questions.

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