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You are invited to join us in the church parlor from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.  Our reading list (below) shows the dates and the book of the month.  Different members frequently lead the discussion which gives us a different viewpoint. We meet in person or on Zoom each time, so you don't always have to travel to the church.  


Until then, happy reading - Susan


2023 – 2024 Bookworms


September 26        Fellowship Point

Penny Boozman          Historical Fiction - 592 pages             -By Alice Elliott Dark


October 24           Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale                  

Margaret Crosby         Fiction - 304 pages                             -By Lynda Rutledge


November 28         Have You Seen Luis Velez

Susan Arnett              Fiction - 315 pages                             -By Catherine Ryan Hyde


January 23            The Girls of Atomic City                                   

Susan Arnett             Narrative Non-Fiction – 416 pages      -By Denise Kiernan


February 27           The Ride of Her Life

Lynn Fisher              Memoir - 336 pages                               -By Elizabeth Letts


March 26              Lessons in Chemistry                 

Susan Arnett            Fiction - 400 pages                                -By Bonnie Garmus


April 23                 A Girl Named Carrie

Rosemary Morice    Biography - 184 pages                           -By Jerrie Marcus Smith


May 28                 The Henna Artist

Pat Ewert                 Historical Fiction – 384 pages                -By Alka Joshi


June 25                 Our Favorite Books

Susan & Pat                Book Selection                                  -By Bookworms Members


July/August           No meeting

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